About Dr. Fathi Osman


Fathi Osman is a world renowned scholar of Islam who has studied the development of contemporary Islamic thinking since 1947. He has written extensively about the process of change in Islamic concepts, human and gender rights in Islamic and Western perspectives, the Islamic approach to pluralism, the analysis of Islamic history and its interpretation. He has published more than 30 books in Arabic and English which represent new approaches in Islamic thinking. Many of his books, including “Reflections” in “Arabia: the Islamic World Review” published in London 1981-1987, have been translated into several languages.

Dr. Fathi Osman argues that the writings of the Quran provide answers to concerns regarding global pluralism According to the Islamic perspective all mankind are ‘children of Adam’. While human beings may all choose to live differently and take various paths, all are united by their very humanity Dr. Osman challenges the Muslim communities throughout the world to remember the Quranic teachings, and to accept others for their diversity while remaining truthful to their faith

Fathi Osman is the recipient of many distinguished awards in the US and the UK. On July 6, 1996, he was presented with an award at the University of London by the Forum for Islam and Modernity “in recognition of his great contribution to the contemporary Islamic thought”. In 1998, he received the Special Recognition for outstanding achievement by the US Congress and Glendale, CA Mayor’s Commendation in scholarly contribution for the advancement of better understanding of Islam in America and throughout the world. Fathi Osman was a Visiting Research Professor at the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University, Washington DC, Loyola University’s School of Law, Los Angeles. His teaching positions include: University of Southern California, Temple University, Princeton University, Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University, Al-Azhar University in Egypt, and Oran University in Algeria. Dr. Osman earned his Masters degree in Islamic Byzantine Relations from the University of Cairo, Egypt, and his doctoral degree in Islamic Economic and Financial Institutions from Princeton University, USA.

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